Shoulder pain

What hurts

Your shoulders, bless them, can suffer some of the most brutal injuries or just plain wear and tear from work or overuse compared to any other part of the body. Whether sports related, vocation related or age… those shoulders sure have gotten you through a lot and now one or both are in agony. You may be cradling or babying that shoulder now. Sleeping in awkward positions to prevent the shoulder pain flaring up. Or worse, being woken up at night with stabs of that acute shoulder pain. Just nursing the pain or taking medications for it is a band-aid at best. Waiting until it gets worse is not a good plan either. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, it’s time to see Dr. Ehlers now. Today. Do it.

How we fix it

Together, you will get to the root of the pain and make a plan that brings you out of that cycle. Dr. Ehlers’ holistic approach to your care will start when he examines you for joint irritation, tissue irritation, tendons and more. Assessing your lifestyle, how you use your body (or beat it up!) or what may have been the onset, is where Dr. Ehlers starts. Not with medications!

Your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the entire body and is literally immersed in nerves, tendons and delicate tissue. Despite all this support, your shoulder can be compromised causing your muscles and ligaments to be at odds with each other. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, the reality is you just need to have a friendly consult with Dr. Ehlers. Starting with the exam and all the way through recovery, Dr. Ehlers will provide a grounded approach that has long lasting results and avoids patching things up with meds.



“Life can change in an instant…. You don’t realize how fast, until it happens to you!!! I was holding a ladder for a co-worker when he fell from three stories up onto my shoulders. I was rushed to the hospital where I called home for three months. I did everything they told me to… I took the drugs… I did physical therapy… I rested… but nothing seemed to help. I was a cripple using a cane to walk made me useless to myself and family. The pain was so intense I would see double and blink in hopes to see clearly. I would pray every time I got behind the wheel that I wouldn’t hit something or someone. The grandchildren stopped asking me to play with them and I became very depressed. I lived in a medication haze. Life was reduced to medication and doctors appointments. About a month after being released from the hospital I started seeing a Chiropractor in Vacaville. I didn’t feel I was getting the care needed so I talked to my son and he recommended Ehlers Chiropractic Center, his Chiropractor. Dr. Ehlers had me throw away my medication and after adjustments the haze started to clear. Six months later I was able to walk with ease and am now able to play with my grandchildren. I don’t want you to think my recovery was easy. I almost gave up multiple times, but looking back I know I owe my happiness to God and Dr. Ehlers.”

– Joseph Infante

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