“When I was 25 I was treated by my M.D. for three crushed discs in my lower back. In the 80s I was told I had degenerative arthritis and was treated with arthritis medication. In 2000 I was treated for sciatic nerve damage by acupuncture which only worked temporarily. In 2001 I was told I needed a hip replacement, which I decided not to get. One day, during a walk, I fell three times. From that point on I had a very hard time walking and was never fully out of pain; even with lots of medication given to me by my doctor. I have always been an active person and all of a sudden I was forced to walk with a cane. Even though I was only 60 I felt decrepit. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see a Chiropractor, so I called and scheduled an appointment with Ehlers Chiropractic Center. The staff is very friendly and really made me feel at home. The office is conveniently located and the service is phenomenal. I am in and out quickly and able to start my busy day. I’m now able to enjoy my walks again and am feeling so much better.”