“I have been to numerous chiropractors from Nevada to San Francisco; most of them had me come back continuously, but could not adjust the cervical region. All I was doing with the other chiropractors was spending numerous dollars hoping that maybe “that day they would be able to get it.” I had a 20% good result ratio with the other chiropractors, which was not promising at all. My boss recommended Dr. Ehlers to me and I gave him a try. After the first try, he moved bones that no one else could for 8 years! Dr. Ehlers also adjusted my right shoulder, which relieved a lot of the pulling and tugging on my head and neck. I, being a massage therapist, have referred about 25-30 clients of mine to him. Between my therapies and Dr. Ehlers, my clients are getting 80-100% improvement. Now those are good odds. Dr. Ehlers has a lot of “tricks under his belt” and is very knowledgeable on adjusting. He is absolutely the best! He has changed my life tremendously.”