“Six years ago my life changed forever. For ten years, my life consisted of migraine, horrible headaches and wonderful visits to the emergency room. At least once a month I would be driven to the ER to receive all types of shots for my severe migraines. The migraines were so bad I would get sick and throw-up. I had met with every specialist known to doctors on migraines and they all came up with the same treatment, more drugs. I already had enough prescriptions drugs in my house to start up my own pharmacy. I definitely didn’t need any more DRUGS. At that point I realized there’s got to be something other than drugging me to death that can help. That’s when I read one of Dr. Ehlers ads and I decided to try it. Dr. Ehlers is extremely passionate about chiropractic. He told me “give me thirty days and I can promise you’ll be off half your medications!” It seemed too good to be true. I said okay and within thirty days believe it or not the medications were in the trash!!! I finally had my life back and to top it all I lost 20 pounds listening to his advice on how to stay healthy. Life wouldn’t be imaginable without Dr. Ehlers and his wonderful team.”