“I came to Dr. Ehlers with a stuck neck. I couldn’t really turn my neck to the right hardly at all after teaching a dance class that I’ve taught for a couple years. Anyway I just figured I was getting old and in time it would go away, well it was taking way too long so I went to Dr. Ehlers with an open mind and listened to what he had to say. Honestly I thought it all made sense but then again maybe he was just a really smooth talker and was really just selling me some “BS” I didn’t really know. I’ve been going to see him a few times a week and my neck is way better and he has even went the extra mile to help with my now tennis elbow and wrist which I’ve obviously worn out too. So I guess he’s not just a pretty face and smooth talker and really does know his stuff. I highly recommend his service, and really appreciate being pain free and getting me back in line literally without going to the doctor and getting sent home with a bucket of pills and no fix. For the beautiful girls he has working for him are awesome and I have to wonder what’s in those cookies that makes them so sweet all the time. Thank  you so much all of you, your a great team!”