“I must admit I was a little skeptical at first. Nothing conventional had helped me, and after twenty years of suffering with migraine headaches and severe neck and back pain I assumed this is what growing old felt like. I took all the prescribed medications, tried physical therapy and anything else anyone recommended. While lamenting about my problem, a relative recommended I try chiropractic care. I found Dr. Ehlers through one of his ads in the paper and made the first appointment. My wife and I both attended this first exam and were surprised at how thorough and informative the visit was. His exam (which included x-rays) revealed areas in my spine that were not working correctly and that the strength in my legs was so poor, a 5 year old could keep me from moving. Since starting treatment the strength in my legs has greatly improved and my reflexes are considerably quicker. For example, I helped save my granddaughter from falling on her face down cement stairs. I was able to catch her before anyone else even moved, and that was a first for grandpa – I had always been the slowest to react before. I have also noticed several other health improvements! I laughed at my last physical when the nurse took my blood pressure and it was within range. She thought the machine was broken so she brought in a new machine – same reading. The physical turned out wonderful – my blood pressure is down, I don’t need the migraine medications and I need less of several medications that I had taken for years. I feel that without Dr. Ehlers I would not be in as remarkable shape. Now people tell me I look younger, when before they thought I was older. I thank Dr. Ehlers for giving me back my life and the new found freedom of movement.”