“How in the world can anyone help me? I have incessant leg pain on my right side, I have been through the entire Kaiser-Permanente system and I’ve ended up in the pain clinic. A place for lost souls. No hope of true cure. Take the drugs and stupor yourself into oblivion. And by the way, ‘have a nice day.’ This is not the life I had ever hoped for. I’m a trained scientist, an electrical engineer, a long time student of the sciences, we find answers! Why is the medical field still floundering then? Are they not trained scientists as well? Have they not had a long and prosperous journey (look out for that word prosperous) flush with successes? Obviously not. The human condition, as it has developed into, in this 21st century, has led us into false hopes. Increasing government regulation for “our benefit” has led the general populace into a departure from reality. I ask that as you are reading this, that you take a hard look at the medical field as it exists today. Never in the history of mankind have we been so ‘at risk’ than we are today. We have become complacent about our care. Trusting the judgments of others and very often ignoring the voice within. We all have been given the sense to know what is right and what isn’t. In our attempts to heal, we heed the advice of others, yet do we really know if the source of that information is even correct? The only known source of true understanding is ourselves…our bodies. It is of utmost importance that we never take the stance of not being able to know. All of us are students of life and as such must continue this education for life. It is our own self education and senses that tell us the truth. We must be forever vigilant in this duty. I am incumbent to research what is right for me. I am responsible to seek the right answers and create a path which sows health. I must take the time and the financial responsibility to ensure this. One cannot look elsewhere or it is a fool to which you seek. In my path came Dr Ehlers. Recommended by a family member. Sure, I’ve heard all the rumors and what I consider snide comments about Chiropractic care but who am I to say how I will respond? Everyone’s body is different. I owe it to myself to check this out. And check it out indeed I did. My first impressions were, “how can something so gentle work?” But it did. My leg began to respond positively by allowing more movement, a clear reversal of the trend that was taking place. Personally I felt this was astonishing but I had to tell myself, ‘it took you 60 years to get to this point don’t expect any miracles!’ To this day, the healing continues. A miracle? Maybe. Being able to walk…priceless! Another aspect of my care is the path to eliminate any drug involvement. I hate using any drugs. You will however succumb to pain and will be forced to take very dangerous substances. Substances that lead to addiction. I am on that path now. I am not happy about it. Just a few months into the treatments, I noticed that I was forgetting to take the medication, some 10 pills a day. Dr Ehlers treatments were creating a condition that was positive on my body, lowered pain. Once I took notice and the responsibility, I started to eliminate the pills. I am very happy to report that I am now down to three doses a day. I am not happy in that attempts to drop this count lower have resulted in withdrawal symptoms that are not going away. I have a tough road ahead on this. Just to keep the dots connected, I would be at zero medication if my body would allow it. I don’t need the drugs for pain management any longer. In retrospect, I have come a long way in a short time. Shorter than I expected. Welcomed however, no matter what the real time sequence is. Like many before me, the established medical community said you have only pain management to help you. Like those of us who refuse to hear such nonsense, we’ve done something about it. We came to Dr Ehlers. We obtain success where none was said to be found. You cannot refute success. You cannot do ‘nothing’ about your condition. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, see Dr Ehlers. Be a part of the success team. Go on with your life as you intend it to be. Come visit the entire ‘Dream Team’ as it takes more than just one person to make a successful business. The positive attitude on the staff, that is of Dr. G, Allison and Andrea makes it easier for the new initiative to become that success. My sincerest gratitude to Dr Ehlers in fostering the staff into a cohesive force that is rarely achieved but awesome once done. May God bless all of you.”