“Getting older and things just started to collapse one thing at a time. When I was young, I hiked the Sierras, ran track, rode my bike, and jogged for exercise. As time progressed, arthritis developed in my knees and I quit biking, jogging and walks with my dog got shorter. Then came the heart attack followed by many doctors and lots of pills. After some time I was diagnosed with adult diabetes, for which I took pills. Then my back began to go out and more pills were prescribed. First it was for a day or two and I could walk it off, but recently there have been times when I’ve had up to three months of doctor care and physical therapy. This March, I threw out my back and was partially crippled. My wife was at her hairdresser after it happened, and mentioned my back problems. He suggested I try Dr. Ehlers, a Chiropractor. I began receiving adjustments three times a week. After a week I was able to walk comfortably again. After two weeks I was walking 3 to 6 miles a day, using half the insulin and I threw away 90% of my medications. Instead of being driven down to the office I am now able to ride my bike. I even lost 24 pounds in the last few months.  Next month my wife and I are taking a trip to Europe, and I’ll leave most of my meds at home. We intend to do a lot of walking in Europe, and I intend to have a great time, because I feel incredible!”