“There is an oasis in Vacaville and it is called Ehlers Chiropractic Care. It is a warm, comfortable and caring environment with happy satisfied patients. There are two highly trained professional assistants Allison and Adrea who along with Dr. Ehlers and Dr. Glimpse complete the oasis with their caring demeanor. Dr. Ehlers is the personification of a chiropractor. He is intelligent, intuitive, good listener, sensitive, strong, and reliable. Dr. Ehlers takes a holistic approach believing that misalignment in the spinal column is directly related to illness and pain. He is very humble and wont take credit for all the healing that he accomplishes. He contends that he does a specific spinal adjustments to remove nerve irritation and the body responds by healing itself. Dr. Ehlers has become a friend for life for me. He is constantly adjusting me on a regular basis and I believe and trust in him especially in light of the fact that medical doctors had told me that there was no help for me except pain medication. Chiropractic care is the greatest health secret in the new millennium. I just want to echo to all my friends that Dr. Ehlers can offer you hope and freedom to increasing health and wellness without the fear of drugs and surgery. Create a happier and healthier lifestyle with a doctor who cares.”