“I am a nurse by profession, and have worked in the medical field since 1975. Over the years I have sustained numerous work related injuries, that had greatly affected my spine and neck. The treatment that was recommended was mainly rest and medications which caused side effects such as nausea, vomiting and sleepiness. I’ve also been involved in a few auto accidents which allowed me to seek chiropractic treatment; which my private insurance would not cover. As we all know most medical insurance doesn’t pay for this service. My first chiropractic experience was in 1973. It was so amazing how after having an adjustment brought on instant relief. My first encounter with Dr. Ehlers was after an accident which left me with muscle spasms and horrific pain that over the course of a year’s time left me unable to bend over, rotate my body in any direction, or walk a straight line. Thank God that I was never pulled over by the police. As time passed; this chronic pain started to affect my state of mind. I had never really dealt with depression and really didn’t know that I had fallen into this dark place. I was referred to Dr. Elhers’ office by a wonderful massage therapist named Roseanne whom I’ve been seeing for many years for the temporary relief from my severe chronic pain. After my last accident, the pain was so severe that it left me in a state of immobility, which required me to take time off from work. My employer was recommending I go on temporary disability for a while. I started treatment with Dr. Ehlers and I was encouraged to come in at least 4 times a week. First of all let me say that I work in San Francisco. I live in San Pablo, and as we all know his office is in Vacaville. I only think about the distance when someone brings it up. Some would say, and some have said “why in the world would you go that far when there are chiropractors available in your area? My answer has always been the level of care that I receive is the reason. Over the years and multiple injuries, I’ve been seen by a number of very good doctors; one of which has been my primary care provider and has taken care of all my needs for about 25 years. But I have never experienced the relief that I have gotten under the care of Dr. Ehlers. When you are in pain; relief is your first and only objective. Relief is like a drug; you will go wherever you can find it. I remember the first time after such a long time of not having pain. I WAS ELATED! I forgot how it felt to be pain free. That’s when I realized that I had been depressed. On that day everything looked brighter, beautiful, and I felt a joy that’s unspeakable. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling again. I now have a personal trainer, and I work out 3 days a week, cardio one day, and have my chiropractic treatment twice a week to snap everything back into place.”