What hurts

If you’ve had a migraine, you know this ain’t no ‘bad headache’. It’s a brutal, extremely painful and usually incapacitating situation that can last a few days. In some cases you’ll become far to acquainted with the porcelain bowl because you’re nauseous, dizzy and debilitated. Sounds and lights? NO! All you want is a dark quiet room and for the throbbing to stop. Pretty much everything hurts, right? Yes, that’s a migraine. And you are not alone, about 13% of all Americans suffer from from them.

How we fix it

The solution is NOT more drugs. As always Dr. Ehlers starts where you are, and digs in deep to what is triggering them in the first place. Because there are so many possible factors, you really want a chiropractor like Dr. Ehlers on your investigative team! Sure, the migraine triggers could be stress or noise, maybe you’re over exerting yourself or reacting to certain foods, medications or even hormones. Trying to suffer through your migraine, or worse yet, trying to squelch it with any kind of medication, is not fair to you. You owe it to yourself to have Dr. Ehlers explore the sources of the onset and walk you to the other side – where you are pain free and know how to prevent future occurrences. Now doesn’t that sound more delightful than spending three days in bed?



“Six years ago my life changed forever. For ten years, my life consisted of migraine, horrible headaches and wonderful visits to the emergency room. At least once a month I would be driven to the ER to receive all types of shots for my severe migraines. The migraines were so bad I would get sick and throw-up. I had met with every specialist known to doctors on migraines and they all came up with the same treatment, more drugs. I already had enough prescriptions drugs in my house to start up my own pharmacy. I definitely didn’t need any more DRUGS. At that point I realized there’s got to be something other than drugging me to death that can help. That’s when I read one of Dr. Ehlers ads and I decided to try it. Dr. Ehlers is extremely passionate about chiropractic. He told me “give me thirty days and I can promise you’ll be off half your medications!” It seemed too good to be true. I said okay and within thirty days believe it or not the medications were in the trash!!! I finally had my life back and to top it all I lost 20 pounds listening to his advice on how to stay healthy. Life wouldn’t be imaginable without Dr. Ehlers and his wonderful team.”

– Marie Hammond

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