Head pain

What hurts

So, your head hurts. Yes, you have a headache, or head pain. It might even feel like your pain is inside your brain, pounding in your ears or filling your eyes, neck or nasal passages with a sense of pressure. A headache afflicts the population by about 1 in 6 people around you at any given time. That’s right, your office has someone in it right now, suffering from head pain. Tension headaches are actually one of the most common forms of headache, often the result of stress or anxiety. Awful, right? According to general statistics, about 8 million of you visit a doctor every year just for complaints of pain in the head. A good many of these are solvable by simply seeing your chiropractor!

How we fix it

Dr. Ehlers doesn’t just respond to the pain, but to the underlying causes. Your advil can’t do that. How about alleviating the pain today and preventing the head pain tomorrow? Chiropractic care goes far beyond adjustments, alignments, and addressing injuries. Dr. Ehlers holistic approach to YOU will get you not just off your pain meds and out of bed, but energized and operating at maximum health. Now doesn’t that sound like more fun than sitting next to 8 people at a doctors office waiting your turn while contracting the flu? Pain medication only subdues – Dr. Ehlers works with your whole system to support body, mind and spirit in your natural. Goodbye head pain! Leave that to the coworkers!



“I came to Dr.Ehlers in November of 2009 after I had injured my lower back. Originally, I had gone on base to the military hospital before deciding to try out Dr. Ehlers. I came out of David Grant with a bottle of pills and was told to rest. Obviously, it wasn’t long before I started looking elsewhere. A fellow partner of my husband’s told him about Dr. Ehlers. After a couple of adjustments by Dr. Ehlers I was feeling so much better. I also suffered from a lot of sinus headaches and the occasional migraine. I’d call and they’d always get me right in. Allison and Adrea, his receptionists, are awesome. Again, Dr. Ehlers would do his magic and I’d walk out of his office feeling better than I had in ages. Before I moved to Texas, Dr. Ehlers got me off my high blood pressure medication. I have to admit that my husband and I, who is a cardiologist, were skeptical. But with Dr. Ehlers adjustments he got me off the medication that I had been taking for 6 years. Thank you for the wonderful care.”

– Susan Thompson

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