Back pain

What hurts

First, if you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone, unfortunately. About 80% of our population visits a doctor at some time specifically with back pain. Brutal! Why is your back the brunt of such pain! Well, your back literally supports you and protects you. To be more specific, your spine does. The spine supports about half the weight of your entire body. And that gorgeous spinal cord you have is like the information highway sending messages from your brain to every part of your body. So what happens when something goes ‘whack’ or ‘crack’? Whether it comes on suddenly from a strange movement or lifting something heavy, a sports injury or slower from prolonged poor posture, back pain is almost always excruciating and needs more than a couple of Tylenol and an ice pack. You need your chiropractor. Back spasms, back ache, back pain, I want my mommy pain… whatever you call it, Dr. Ehlers will have you standing tall and proud in no time.

How we fix it

It’s always important to address the cause of the pain before just treating it with cold beer (for icing the muscles and for relaxing you!) or miracle creams and prescription drugs. There IS a better way, that will help you for the long haul. Dr. Ehlers will give your spine, soft tissue, spinal joints, muscles, discs and attitude a good look over and put you back on the path to healing. And then you can crack a beer to celebrate!



“I was involved in a vehicle accident, where I was hit on the driver’s side. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was wearing my seat belt and from the impact of the car my body went to the right causing severe pain. My body was achy after the initial shock of the impact, but a week later my left side, from my neck to lower back started to throb with pain. I was referred to this office by my massage therapist who is also a patient. I called Ehlers Chiropractic Center immediately that afternoon and was given an appointment later that same day. I thought “What took me so long!” Thank you Dr. Ehlers for helping me after such a scary time.”

– Evelyn Wells

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